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Need Fresh Facebook Content? See What the Big Boys Post

new_contentIf you think that Grumpy Cat pictures are going to get you the most likes and shares, think again. The good people over at Newswhip have just published their rankings for the most popular Facebook pages for June 2014, and there is a blatantly obvious theme that runs through the report. People like two things: news, lists, and quizzes, basically.

You can read all the advice you want about what kind of content will make your page gain likes and shares, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say. The top 25 most liked and shared pages read like the local news stand:,,,,,,, and even Sprinkled throughout this onslaught of news are sites like (at number two, no less),, and These sites thrive on lists, quizzes, and quirky articles that pander to Millennials (10 things I learned from…, 15 things you should know about…, Which 80s hair band are you?, etc).


Truth in Numbers

Based on the results as they are presented, it would seem that emulating the Huffington Post would be the obvious way to go, but the numbers tell a different story. Their total Facebook interactions (likes, shares, and comments) dwarf even the second place page, Buzzfeed, but that’s because they published over 26,000 articles in the month of June (and no, I didn’t accidently throw extra zeros in that number)! When you break down the shares and likes per post (using an average, of course), it translates to 1077 likes and 361 shares per article.

I’m sure that you would be happy with over 1000 likes and over 350 shares per post on your own page, but you probably don’t have the time and resources to publish 26,000 articles each month. Instead, look at some of the other included winners that have a much higher ratio per post.


The Real Winners

You would do much better to emulate sites that post less with more interaction per post. When it comes to news and opinion posts, IJReview is the clear winner. They posted only 710 articles in June (still higher than what you will post probably), but got a whopping 11,381 likes and 3,576 shares per post. That’s 11 times the likes and 10 times the shares that HuffPo got per post.

In the realm of pop-culture the results were similar. Buzzfeed held the number two spot in the rankings with 4026 articles, 4349 likes per post, and 1773 shares per post, but didn’t touch the like and share ratios of Upworthy and newcomer Playbuzz. Upworthy posted 362 articles and got over 11,000 likes and over 5500 shares per post, while Playbuzz posted a mere 89 articles garnering over 18,000 likes and almost 23,000 shares per post. Now those are numbers you want to copy!


Adapting Your Strategy

Obviously, simply reposting articles from these sites is not the way to go, but it can’t hurt to share some of them once in a while – just enough to get attention. What you can and should do is follow these pages to see which posts get the most attention and then adapt the content and/or style to fit your own niche. For instance, you know that quizzes are the hot ticket right now. If you are in the hotel or travel industry, putting out a quiz such as “Which Travel Destination Are You Most Likely to Enjoy” would not only go over well, but would likely give you plenty of leads to follow up with.

All of this can be time consuming and resource-draining if you don’t have a dedicated social media team. You can’t spend all day dicing information like this, so if you don’t have a team in place you should probably look into hiring a third-party social media manager to handle this for you. The dividends will far outpace any expense.

Curtis Harrison
Curtis Harrison
With many years experience in the real estate industry and simultaneously operating various businesses from pubs and clubs to accomodation, Curtis is what you call a real socialite. Having started out using social media for his own pursuits, Curtis found himself consulting with others on the benefits of social media and how to utilise social sites. As the requests became more frequent he eventually decided to start a business helping people with social media and Real Social was born. As an individual Curtis prides himself on being a man who can make things happen.
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