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Word of mouth has always been one of the most effective ways of earning new clients. Hopefully, the couple you’ve just sold a house to will pass your name along the next time a friend or relative mentions real estate. Twenty years ago, albeit effective, that could be a slow process. Today, though, your satisfied clients can refer you immediately and they can let the whole extended family know, along with co-workers, old school buddies, three hundred of their friends and acquaintances, and a third cousin in Dubai – the one who is interested in a beachfront home in Brisbane or a suite of offices in Melbourne. All they have to do is post your link on Facebook. Welcome to the world of social media!

social media explained using a donut analogy

You don’t need to hire an expensive Web developer to maintain a powerful Web presence today. A real estate agency with a Facebook page, for example, can expect to reach tens of thousands of people with one keystroke. And the information you share with the public can include a dizzying array of choices: beautiful images and video, agent profiles, testimonials, industry news, listings, and contact information, to name a few.

Using social media is not like putting up a billboard. Not only do you want potential clients to spend time at your page, whether it’s on Facebook or LinkedIn, you want them to keep coming back for more. You can ensure this by always posting fresh material, by offering answers to the litany of questions potential clients often have, or even by holding monthly sweepstakes for a weekend getaway or a bottle of wine. Daily blogs are a great way to keep your page interesting and fresh. Facebook allows you to post online polls – folks always love to provide an opinion. The most important thing is that you include content that is engaging, informative, and new. This is your opportunity to give your business a voice and a character.

Facebook communities are called “friends” for a reason – this goes way beyond word of mouth. In effect, maintaining a Facebook presence alone allows you to draw potential clients in for a tiny fraction of what it costs to advertise, be it on air or in print. This is the way people shop today, whether they’re looking to find the right real estate agency or the perfect home in the perfect location. Real Social specializes in maintaining your social media sites. We can provide you with new posts on a daily or weekly basis, so that every time someone visits your Facebook page, they’ll be sure to find up-to-date, relevant, and non-repetitive information. Because you’ve created a community rather than a 30 second ad, people will continue spreading the word and you can build long-term relationships. Plus, you’re reaching not only a nationwide but a worldwide audience.

Remember back in the 1990’s when computers first came out for public use? Tech followers grabbed them right away and in the span of a few years nearly every business found a use for a computer. Today, there’s not much business that goes on without one! Social media is following the same trend – in the beginning, a few agencies began utilizing YouTube and Facebook to show videos and photos of their properties. Soon, smart agents started posting relevant information for the public in the form of blogs covering market news and printed information about up and coming neighborhoods, cities and yet undiscovered gems. It takes a lot of work to come up with new posts to keep the public interested. That’s why we’re here! At Real Social, we can do that work for you so you can relax, maybe enjoy a donut, and watch the potential clients roll in.

Curtis Harrison
Curtis Harrison
With many years experience in the real estate industry and simultaneously operating various businesses from pubs and clubs to accomodation, Curtis is what you call a real socialite. Having started out using social media for his own pursuits, Curtis found himself consulting with others on the benefits of social media and how to utilise social sites. As the requests became more frequent he eventually decided to start a business helping people with social media and Real Social was born. As an individual Curtis prides himself on being a man who can make things happen.
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