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Vision & Mission

Real Social is a social media management company that cares about you. We’re a small, but dedicated, band of qualified and professional marketers, web designers, and writers.

Together, we help you build and maintain a social media presence that will take your business exactly where you want it to go.

How We Can Help

Maintaining a social media presence would seem to be an easy enough task. After all, everyone on the planet has a Facebook and Twitter account by now, right? But when that presence involves the public face of your business, that simple process becomes considerably more complicated. A personal Facebook page can be fun, haphazard, a diversion that you tend to when you’ve got a few minutes of downtime. It’s easy to assume that the same is true of your business profile. It’s easy to think you can put together a quick product page in your spare time and then tend to it when you’re not doing more important things. More and more, however, Social media is playing a defining role in how people shop and with whom they choose to do business. A well-built, informative website is still important; it’s the brochure, it’s the catalog, it’s the store that your customers walk into when they’re ready to browse, compare, and buy; but social media is everything that happens before they decide to step through those doors.

Social media is the neighbor whose opinion they seek before they buy. Social media is the friend whose personal experience fuels their decision. Social media is walking down the street and noticing that everyone else is carrying a bag with your logo on it. Social media is the flesh-and-blood, human face of your business; if your website is the store, social media is the people on your sales floor. Social media can directly influence your bottom line. When seen that way, it becomes obvious that a haphazard approach to social media won’t do. You need your social media presence to be professional. You need to keep it free from distracting spam and immediately address any negative comments before they go viral. You need it to be optimized to attract your target audience. You need it to be regularly updated with information that’s useful to that audience. You need it to engage your audience in a positive manner so that, ultimately, they keep coming back for more.

What We Do

Social Media Management Services

Social Media Setup

Real Social sets up all your social media profiles and ensures the image you project is the one you want your customers to see.

  • Custom buttons linking back to your website
  • SEO optimisation for Facebook
  • Custom creation of your image, including banner selection, profile picture, and any other images/graphics you may require
  • All data entry involved in the creation of your page, including contact details, address setup, business hours, etc.
  • Custom business descriptions (long and short)
  • Selecting the appropriate type of Facebook account for your particular needs
  • Posting Policy – Upon setting up your page, Real Social will establish, display, and enforce a clear posting policy to keep your page free from inappropriate, indecent, or unlawful posts

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Real Social will handle any negative comments within hours of their appearance on your page, assuring that no complaint is ignored or allowed to viral and damage your hard-earned reputation.

Community Engagement

We engage with your fans and respond to their comments on your behalf, creating the kind of two-way interaction that builds familiarity, creates brand loyalty, and keeps your visitors coming back for more.

Facebook Monitoring

When you do business, you get feedback. This is especially true in today’s social media world where feedback is not only expected, it’s encouraged; how you handle that feedback can have a real and lasting effect on your professional image and reputation. Upon creating your profile, Real Social will establish and share a clear posting policy and then monitor your page to enforce it, deleting any spam, profanity, or slander as it appears. Just as important, however, are the legitimate comments (both positive and negative) that may be posted by your customers; people who like you want to be acknowledged. People with complaints want to know that they’ve been heard. Nine out of ten people aren’t nearly as interested in the actual content of a complaint as they are in how it is handled. The last thing you want is a complaint gone viral because it wasn’t noticed or dealt with in a timely manner. With Facebook monitoring, Real Social will assure that doesn’t happen by responding to any negative comment within minutes of its appearance on your page. You don’t have time to constantly monitor your Facebook page. You can’t afford not to. Let Real Social do it for you.

Spam Removal

Spam is everywhere it’s an unavoidable part of today’s online world. If you ignore it, it can quickly take over your social media pages, pushing your information to the background, and distracting and annoying your visitors until, ultimately, they stop coming back. Real Social offers constant monitoring and instant removal of all spam as it arrives, ensuring your corporate identity is front and center and assuring that none of your visitors are confused or lured away by someone else’s sales pitch. It takes time, effort, and money to build an effective social media presence. Why should someone else be allowed to hijack the benefits?

Content Writing / Posting


Your page is built, the ad campaign is in place, people are poised to flock to your virtual doorstep. Posting is the easy part, right? Regular, targeted posting, on the simplest level, is what keeps your customers from landing on a blank page. More importantly, however, it also helps maintain what Facebook calls your “Edge Rank,” and this edge rank is what keeps you at the top of all those newsfeeds and brings those customers back. It’s easy to look at your personal social media activity and assume that your business pages will be just as low impact. But coming up with new ideas every day that people will be interested in reading can very quickly add up to much more time than you can afford to give – yet you can’t afford not to. To satisfy this need, Real Social offers two types of services to keep your posts fresh, interesting, and up to date.

Curated Posts

Curated Posts are posts or images that pertain, not to your products specifically, but rather to the kind of business you do in general. If you deal in real estate, for example these posts might cover things like the housing market, interior decorating or other issues of interest to those in the market for a new home. Curated posts are your expert advice to customers who walk into your store asking “where can I find the best information about X?” We find it, we create the links, and we post it. And the more your customers are able to get that information from you, the less likely they are to seek it out from your competitors.

Custom Branded Posts

Custom Branded Posts are posts developed specifically for you and your brand by the Real Social team, and are individualised to match and complement your established branding, colour schemes, as well as the overall look of your existing ads and web design. These posts can be both informational and sales oriented, and might highlight specific products, services, special offers, etc., taking advantage of the immediacy of social media to give your visitors information or offers they won’t find anywhere else while also rewarding them for sharing your page with others and providing them with a reason to keep coming back for more.

Custom Blog Writing

If posts and tweets are the poetry of social media marketing, blogs are the prose. Everyone’s got one. You want yours to stand out. But let’s face it, not everyone’s a writer — and who’s got the time? A poorly written, sporadically posted blog can easily do more damage than good to your brand. Real Social will write your blog on topics you choose, send it to you for posting on your website, and then link those posts to your social media channels for maximum SEO. Your blogs will be professionally written, up to date, and always pertinent to your target audience.

Advertising Campaigns

Facebook isn’t only about posts and comments and likes and dislikes, and Real Social doesn’t stop there either; around the margins of all that social activity you’ll still find plenty of actual, traditional, old school advertising that can drive more traffic your way. No one can sell a secret. Competition is fierce and memories are short. It’s vital to get your brand, your name, and your product out there. As part of our standard service, Real Social will implement Facebook advertising that not only catches your audience’s eye, but leads those eyes directly to your doorstep. And, for an added fee Real Social will design, build, and implement custom ads – with graphics and copy tailored specifically for your brand, your products, and your services – to truly set you apart from the pack.


Social Media Management Packages to Suit Every Budget

  • Set Up
  • Spam Removal
  • FB Monitoring
  • Reputation Management
  • Community Engagement
  • FB Advertising Included
  • Posts Per Week (curated)
  • Custom Branded Posts
  • Custom Blog
  • starter
    • small fee
    • $5 / Month
    • 5
  • pro
    • free
    • $40 / month
    • 5
    • 3 / Week
    • 2 / Month

Up and Go Package

You want to manage your own page? That’s awesome!
You might want a head start so your page is all set up correctly, we can handle that!

Need a Bigger Plan? OR EVEN A SMALLER ONE?

We can create a plan for all your social media needs. Just contact us for a quote

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Twitter & Google+ ?

No problem. We can add them both to your plan for an extra $20/month. (A setup fee may be apply)

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Custom Posts?

If you would like to add extra blogs to your package, or if you would like to simply order a blog writing package, please contact us for a quote.

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“People want to be heard and they want to be heard in real time. If you ask a question, or are emotional about something, then you are not interested in waiting half a day or even days to get a response,” – Don Meij

Introducing Real Guardian

Successful social media management wouldn’t be complete without online reputation management. One review online will not change your reputation but a collective of opinions will. This reputation online through social media has the power to sway your current and or potential customers towards or away from your services.

  • Reputation Management
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Network Monitoring
  • Spam Removal

Meet the Team

  • Curtis Harrison
    Curtis HarrisonCEO / Social Media Consultant

    “A man who knows how to make things happen.”

    Curtis Harrison, the self-made man. An entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in business ownership and team leading. Curtis got his start in social media from his background in Real Estate – the perfect foray into the field. Since starting out in social media for Real Estate Curtis has branched out and now loves to teach others about the role social media can play in business. He is the founder and team leader of Real Social and just try to take Twitter away from him and I reckon he would stop breathing.

  • Cheryl Jones
    Cheryl JonesWeb Developper

    “A woman who loves when a well-laid plan comes together.”

    A real numbers-person, Cheryl finds beauty in well-presented graphs and infographics. After graduating with a B.Sc. from the University of Winnipeg, Cheryl worked for 4 years as a science and technology teacher where a love for functional-yet-beautiful websites was born. Cheryl leads the web development team and doubles as the financial gate-keeper for the company.

  • Brad Boesen
    Brad BoesenContent Creator

    “A man who knows the right words and isn’t afraid to use them.”

    Brad Boesen is a writer, editor, and proofreader with 16 years experience in quality control with the Gallup Organization, 8 years editing and proofreading the Legislative Journal for the Nebraska State Legislature, 3 years as sole proprietor of his own freelance writing /copy editing /proofreading service, and 3 years as a Proposal Manager for IBM.

  • Wally Peterson
    Wally PetersonBlogger

    “A man who believes that the pen is mightier than the sword, unless the sword strikes your head of course. “

    Wally Peterson is a writer, social media reporter and prognosticator, and aspiring beach bum living sixty seconds from the sand in the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina. He has a face made for blogging and his idea of fashion is wearing socks.



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