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Digital Marketing - Reality Check

I am sorry, but just because you open a Facebook page or build a website, it doesn't mean that your customer base and revenue is going to miraculously boom! If this is what your counting on please stop here! Save your money; it is not going to work. Multi-billion and million-dollar corporations have been spending fortunes for years on developing, growing their customer base and advertising for decades. In the 2020s, the age of the digital revolution, this is more true than ever!

The good news for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is that the playing field has largely been levelled, and they have an opportunity to compete with the big hitters. Lots of consumers love visiting their local boutique businesses, but there is still an expectation that the local business have a digital presence. It is surprisingly cheap and easy to advertise your message directly to your target consumer in your local area.

We would love to help you navigate the world of digital marketing. RealSocial can help you bring your brand to the world - and the people in your local community! We look forward to getting to know more about you and your business.

Social Media

Real Social started ten years ago when Facebook was but a baby, and look at how society is dependant and influenced by devices today.

You would be surprised how much traffic you can get even from unpaid posts to social media. This is called 'organic reach,' and it depends on posting quality content very regularly.

Your business deserves to be represented on social media the way that is consistent with your branding. So if you want to come across as clean, professional, and classy, then every part of your social pages should reflect that. Likewise if you are hip and trendy or dark and moody.

Here are some ideas on how RealSocial can help with your social media management:

  • Social Page Creation (any of major social media sites)
  • Custom Banner Images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Branded Posts
  • Custom and Curated Posts
  • Spam Removal
  • Creating a Posting Calendar

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There is only one word that should be mentioned in your digital strategy, and that is DATA! Most businesses think their product or stock or even their staff is the most important asset they have and... yes many of these factors are valuable in a business. But honestly, the most critical investment in any business is YOUR customers. How you attract, record, acknowledge, protect and service your customers is all DATA.

There are many ways to store this data in a simple spreadsheet or through a complex CMS like Nationbuilder. You can leverage Google Analytics to get some data on where your website traffic is coming from, and which advertising mediums are working the best. Collecting this data is not difficult. What is important is that you use that data consistently to inform your marketing choices and investment.

Here are some ideas on how RealSocial can help you collect and manage data:

  • Creating a Newsletter sign up - linked to MailChimp or other marketing platform
  • Setting up marketing campaigns in Nationbuilder
  • Setting up Google Analytics on your Site
  • Data management and reports

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image of data transferred to cloud
image of data transferred to cloud

Targeted Advertising

The days of Paper, radio and television scatter gun approach to marketing, where you yell your message out to everyone and hope it sticks is over. Not only is it inefficient, but there is no way to tell what your return on investment (ROI) is! Today we can make sure that your potential customers hear your message. We can track how many of your ads turn into a sale, which allows us to assess the effectiveness of the ad and determine your ROI. This is the beauty of Facebook, Twitter, Google or even Linkedin targeted ads.

When setting up ads, we would first determine who your target audience is. We can make sure that you don't waste money on advertising to people who will never use your services because your ad will only be shown to the people who fit your criteria. It may take a bit of fine-tuning and testing to work out exactly what that criteria should be. Let's start by having a conversation about your business and how it works.

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Training and Speaking Engagements

Do you need specialised training or perhaps a seminar on social media marketing at your next convention or event? We can help!

Previously, RealSocial has presented to corporate organisations, not-for-profit organisations and social groups.

We can discuss the following topics, or we can tailor the presentation to your particular focus area.

  • Online Security Practices
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Posting Policy
  • Social Media Posting Plans
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Digital Strategies
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Online Sales Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns and Sales Funnels
  • Servicing your Customers Online
  • Online Best Practices
  • Developing a Digital Brand
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Tracking your ROI

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image of people discussing strategy
image of people discussing strategy

Reputation Management

We all know that word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind. This is the draw of social media marketing - you want to get people talking about you! Unfortunately, you can't always have raving fans - inevitably, someone will not be discussing you favourably.

You do your best to give all of your customers a great experience, but it is impossible to live up to everybody’s expectations all the time. That bad review is going to happen eventually. Sometimes, this may not even be related to something within your control. Mistaken identity reviews are also a very common thing where a customer from the shop two blocks down finds your store on google and thinks it was you. It is not easy to get this addressed by the big social media companies - they don't even have a phone number to ring! We have had success with clients to have these negative reviews removed. Having said that, honest complaints that paint you in a bad light may be an opportunity to rebuild a relationship with that client, or look inwardly as an opportunity to improve your customer service for future interactions. You must make sure that customer complaints are dealt with professionally, in a timely manner, and remove the conversation from the public space as soon as possible.

Real social will work with your business to develop best practices to avoid bad experiences, learn and respond to negative reviews.

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Social Media for Political Campaigns

Are you an elected official or running to be? Starting a movement or pushing a cause? Trying to raise funds for your cause? This can be like running any other digital strategy, except instead of selling a product, you’re selling your position.

The success of a political campaign really depends on how much you know about the voters in your electorate. We can think of it this way:

Each person in your electorate or your campaign or your target area is a potential data set. The information you have about these people are Data points. Now if we look at the 2016 American election, the Republican front runner Donald Trump collected data sets on 80% of all Americans, and within those data sets, he had an average of 5000 data points on each. Notable to ask is this possible? do you know 5000 facts about your self (Car type, insurance company, bank, credit card type, job… the list goes on)…? The more data points collected means there is more potential to swing an election in your favour.

Real Social can help you ethically and sustainably run your campaigns by data farming, data servicing and data analytics. Categorising data and using data to push your message, drive your cause, extract votes and donations, to spread your message and grow your movement.

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image of people discussing strategy

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