Targeting: What Does It Mean in Business and Why It Matters

  • Curtis Harrison
  • 04 May 2023

If you want to gain better leads and communicate more effectively, this article will define targeting. Read here to learn more and contact us!

A business's product is the foundation of its success, representing the culmination of its creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. It's one of the best ways to address customers' concerns and stand out from a crowded and competitive industry. And you can be successful by promoting it.

However, there are times when product promotion doesn't result in sales, which can be frustrating. One culprit behind the costly mistake is the lack of targeting. This process means selecting the right audience for your product and directing your marketing efforts towards them.

If you want to gain better leads and communicate more effectively, this article will define targeting, some examples of this habit, and why your business shouldn't ignore it.

What Is a Target Market?

Before we can understand targeting, we must understand a target market. It’s a group of people a company wants to target to sell their product. Regardless of your organisation’s size or offer, you must find the right target market, as it increases the likelihood of successful sales.

What Is Targeting?

Targeting means selecting a target market and using marketing strategies to reach them effectively. It’s crucial to product development and advertising for many businesses.

Why Should You Pick a Target Market?

Choosing a target audience is the initial but most critical step of targeting. It’s also crucial in creating and promoting a product, and it would be useless to develop a low-demand item or try to sell it to the wrong audience. Therefore, you should always identify who will benefit from your product or service. If your product solves a particular problem, it’s wise to target those who face that problem and constantly improve it. If not, focus on aiming for those highly interested in your offerings.

What Are Some Examples of Picking a Target Market?

You can select an appropriate target market by considering what product you’ll sell. For instance, if you’re selling cream for back pain, your best target market should be middle-aged or older individuals living a sedentary lifestyle. You can further narrow your target customers by focusing on professions that require leaning over, like dentists or surgeons.

In contrast, if you’re a landscape company that sells a lawn care subscription, target homeowners in wealthier areas willing to pay for convenience. On the other hand, if you’re releasing a new video game, choose a slightly younger audience, like young adults, content creators, gamers, teenagers, and students. Although narrowing your target audience increases your chances of selling your product, remember that being too specific will make you lose out on potential customers who don’t fit the criteria.

2 Reasons Targeting Matters

After defining a target market, targeting, the significance of picking the right audience, and providing some examples, this section will explain why targeting matters.

Get More People to Respond

Whether you offer a product or service, there’s nothing more frustrating than customers not responding to your marketing efforts. And it happens when you don’t select the right audience to market your product. However, if you carefully select those who might be interested in your product, your marketing campaigns will be more successful.

Get More Conversions

Regardless of your business’s size or offering, you must make a sale. Otherwise, you’ll risk falling behind the competition and permanently closing your doors. If your product reaches many people but does not make many purchases, the issue is likely with your target audience. Instead of spending more on advertising, analyse who will buy from you and adjust your targeting accordingly.


Organisations need quality products or services, but solely relying on them to succeed in the competitive business world is insufficient. You can increase sales and get more people to respond by targeting the right people and adjusting your tactics accordingly.

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